Nutrition Counseling for:

Initial Appointment

An intake is 60 minutes long. We will spend that time getting to know each other, going over health and food history, as well as developing goals for our time working together and an initial plan. 


Follow Up Sessions

A follow up session is 30-40 minutes long where we will address challenges, successes, progress towards goals, nutrition education, problem solving, and new goal creation. 



Are you a registered dietitian looking to specialize in eating disorders? 

Through the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) you can become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS). This requires 2500 hours working in eating disorders, a case study, 4 courses and an exam, as well as letters of recommendation. Part of the hours includes necessary supervision hours. As an approved CEDS supervisor, I would love to help guide you on the journey to become the strongest eating disorder clinician that you can. be If you are interested in this, please contact me and we will set up a time to see if we will be a good supervisory fit. 

Individual Supervision - 100$ per hour 

Group Supervision (3+ people) - 40$ per hour